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Leaf Shape Mat

Leaf Shape Mat

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Bring the beauty of nature

Drawing inspiration from the diverse styles of outdoor foliage, bring the essence of nature indoors and experience its comforting and cozy embrace.

Provide a variety of styles

We gather a variety of leaves from nature and transform them into unique styles, allowing you to experience the comfort and coziness of the natural world.

Both as a cushion and blanket, and also transforms into a mat

Do you find it frustrating when pets soil your bed and sofa, then promptly hop onto our leaf cushion? Ideal for pets lounging on beds, couches, and more, it serves as a cushion, blanket, and mat, shielding your furniture from pet messes. Plus, it makes for a perfect companion during those cozy workday naps.

Suitable for machine washing

Simple to toss into the washing machine for cleaning, as effortless as washing a short sleeve shirt, without the hassle of zipping it up or lugging a bulky dog bed, no need to struggle to stuff it into the washing machine.


Can this mat be used outdoors?

Yes, the Leaf Shape Mat is versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. Its design and materials are suitable for various settings, including parks, gardens, and patios.

How do I clean the Leaf Shape Mat?

The Leaf Shape Mat can be cleaned by spot cleaning with mild soap and water for minor spills and stains.

Is the mat comfortable for all dog breeds?

The mat's size and soft material make it suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes, from small to large. Its cushioning provides comfort and support for pets, making it an ideal relaxation spot.


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