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Donut Bed

Donut Bed

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Detachable & machine washable

Effortlessly machine washable, just as straightforward as laundering a T-shirt. Simply throw it in the washing machine for a gentle and quick clean-up.


The integrated waterproof cover completely encases the sponge, preventing any dog urine or stains from penetrating through.


Crafted from high-quality cotton fleece and velveteen, the plush and dense material offers a cozy and warm sleeping spot for your pet.


How do I choose the right size Donut Bed for my dog?

Measure your dog from nose to tail while they are sleeping and add a few inches to determine the ideal bed length. This ensures your dog has enough room to stretch out comfortably.

What makes an Donut Bed different from other dog bed shapes?

It's designed to cater to dogs that enjoy curling up when they sleep. The rounded edges and continuous shape provide a cozy, enclosed feeling that many dogs find comforting. This shape can also be more space-efficient in certain room layouts.

Is it suitable for all dog breeds?

The Donut Bed can suit a wide range of dog breeds, especially those that prefer to curl up. However, the bed's size is crucial; it should be large enough to accommodate your dog's full length when stretched out, if they occasionally like to change sleeping positions.