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Calming Duck

Calming Duck

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What makes the Calming Duck unique?

The Calming Duck Dog Toy is unique because it emits a lower, deeper quacking sound that is naturally appealing to dogs. This sound is designed to capture your dog's attention and provide a comforting and engaging play experience.

Why is the Calming Duck particularly appealing to dogs, considering their color vision?

Dogs primarily perceive the world in shades of yellow and blue, which means they respond best to toys in these color spectrums. The Calming Duck is designed with colors that fall within this range, making it more visually appealing and stimulating for dogs. This enhanced visibility can capture your dog's attention more effectively, making the toy a beneficial tool for engagement, play, and calming activities.

Is it suitable for all dog sizes and breeds?

Yes, the Calming Duck Dog Toy is designed to be suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Its durable construction and size make it ideal for both small and large dogs, providing a fun and comforting toy for any pet.

How durable is the toy?

The Calming Duck Dog Toy is made with high-quality materials designed to withstand normal play. However, like all dog toys, it's important to supervise your pet during play and inspect the toy regularly for signs of wear and tear.


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