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Rainbow Sofa Cover

Rainbow Sofa Cover

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Protect you furniture and floors

We utilize handmade quilting techniques to enhance the vintage design style of the sofa cushion, effectively protecting your furniture, floors, or couch surfaces from scratches or stains while ensuring both you and your pet remain cozy.

Versatile decor for your home

Offered in a range of sizes and styles tailored to complement your individual taste and furniture, enhancing the sophistication of your living area.

Machine washable material

Easily toss it into the washing machine or hand wash for a refreshed and tidy look, providing convenience and peace of mind.


Is the Rainbow Sofa Cover machine washable?

Yes, the Rainbow Sofa Cover is designed for easy care and maintenance. It is machine washable, allowing you to keep it clean and fresh for your pet.

Can is be used on different types of furniture?

Absolutely! This Rainbow Sofa Cover can be used on various types of furniture, including sofas, chairs, and beds. Its large size and flexible design make it suitable for protecting different furniture pieces from pet hair, scratches, and wear.

What materials is the Rainbow Sofa Cover made from?

The Rainbow Sofa Cover is made from high-quality, soft, and durable materials that provide comfort for your pet while protecting your furniture. The materials are chosen for their plush texture and durability to withstand regular use.


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