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Human Dog Bed

Human Dog Bed

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Extra large

This bed is spacious enough to simultaneously fit three dogs, two children, and two adults lying down, making it an ideal size for adults, kids, and pets alike.

Moveable anywhere

Whether you're taking a nap, reading, working, or watching TV, this dog bed sized for humans provides ongoing comfort and relaxation.

360-degree wrap-round & cozy

The plush, dense material creates a cozy and serene sleeping spot for both you and your pet, with elevated borders offering enhanced support for the head and neck. Additionally, the orthopedic foam conforms seamlessly to your bones, offering not just a massaging effect but also reducing anxiety for both you and your furry friend.

Waterproof & machine washable

This bed comes with a detachable cover, and the foam is encased in a special fabric, providing protection against dog slobber and urine. Simply toss it in the washing machine for a gentle and quick refresh.


Is the Human Dog Bed suitable for all dog breeds?

Yes, Human Dog Bed is suitable for all dog breeds, from small to large. The spacious design ensures that dogs of all sizes can stretch out and relax comfortably.

Can the Human Dog Bed be washed?

Yes, it comes with removable and washable covers to ensure easy maintenance and hygiene.

How big is Human-Sized Dog Bed?

It's large enough to comfortably fit at least one adult human and one or more dogs.