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Shell Bed

Shell Bed

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Soft & warm material

Constructed from plush material, it offers a cozy spot for your pet to rest. The fabric is gentle to the touch and maintains warmth for your pet during colder seasons.

Security & privacy

Crafted to provide pets with a feeling of security, the enclosed bed is essential for concealment or excavation.

No shedding

Constructed from high-density plush material, this bed offers durability against pulling and tugging while minimizing shedding.

Non-slip bottom

The bottom is made of special anti-slip fabric to prevent sliding everywhere.


Is the Shell Bed suitable for all pet sizes?

The bed is designed to accommodate pets of various sizes, but it's important to check the specific dimensions of the bed to ensure it's a good fit for your furry friend. The plush material and round shape allow for flexibility and comfort for most pet sizes.

How does the Shell Bed maintain its shape?

The Shell bed is designed with high-quality filling and plush material that help it maintain its round shape. Regular fluffing and proper care will keep the bed comfortable and inviting for your pet .

Can the Shell Bed be washed?

Yes, the Shell Bed is designed for easy cleaning. It's recommended to hand wash the bed to maintain its shape and plushness.