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Round Bed

Round Bed

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Is the Round Bed suitable for all pet sizes?

Round Bed come in various sizes to accommodate different pet sizes, from small cats and dogs to larger breeds. It's important to measure your pet and refer to the bed's size chart before purchasing to ensure a perfect fit where your pet can comfortably curl up.

What materials are used in the Round Bed?

Round Beds are typically made from soft, durable fabrics like faux fur and plush, with a filling of high-quality, pet-safe fibers that provide cushioning and support. The materials are chosen for their comfort, warmth, and ability to withstand regular use.

Can the Round Bed help with my pet's anxiety?

The design of the Round Bed can provide a comforting and secure space for pets, which may help reduce anxiety, particularly for pets prone to stress or separation anxiety. The bed's soft, enclosed structure can make pets feel protected, aiding in relaxation and peaceful sleep.


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